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53nd World Military Aeronautical Pentathlon Championship. Introduction

Edidición 53 del Campeonato Mundial Militar de Pentatlón Aeronáutico

The International Military Sport Council (CISM) has entrusted the Spanish Armed Forces the organization of 53rd Military Aeronautical Pentathlon World Championship to be hold at Matacan Air base (Salamanca) on 11-18 June, 2010.

Thus also grantes the honour and satisfaction of receiving members of the Armed Forces from those friend countries that, through this high competition are going to enjoy a frank coexistence in the warm Castilla and Leon and its people.

As today the teams from Brazil, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Romania, Turkey, Sweden and Ecuador as a observer country, have confirmed their attendance.

The main aim practising Aeronautical Pentathlon is the success and maintenance of a appropiate physical flair for aircrews, having been confirmed in diverses seminars of CISM, where medical doctors, pilots and specialists in physical training have participated, that PAIM events not only serveto improve the pilots and navigator’s physical condition but also they are educational disciplines capable of arousing a better aeronautical and professional perfomance on them.

Other side of PAIM are its formative and morale values, so important in the military profession. Practice of this sport demands: sacrifice spirit, comradeship, tenacity, perseverance and will to win. All of them are morale qualities very interesting for the several Air Forces.

But even there are other aspects in the Aeronautical Pentathlon practice. They are the social and supportive components in this competition. It results of a big interest from a profesional point of view, to join pilots and navigators from different countries to coexist and share common experiences during some days. It can be said that the different teams concurring in PAIM,s create true links of friendship and comradeship, making true the CISM motto:

“Friendship through sport”

For the Spanish Air Force it is a great honor to host the Aeronautical Pentathlón World Championship 2010. In this occasion, the sixth to be held in Spain and the fifty third organized by the International Military Sport Council (CISM), the competition will take place from the 11th to the 18th of June 2010 in Matacán Air Base, Salamanca.

The qualities and competencies proper of a military pilot are practiced in the aeronautical pentathlon competition, which includes the flying skills, evasion capability, precision and physical resistance. Certainly, this sport reflects accurately the qualities that our military aircrews endow: hearty aeronautical spirit, determination, resistance to suffering and overcoming willingness.

Matacán AB has saw the pass of lots of Spanish pilots’ generations. The countryside of Salamanca is used to see the evolution of different kinds of airplanes on the sky. Both, Base and country are the right place to materialize, once again, the CIMS’ motto “Friendship through Sport”.

General del Aire José Jiménez Ruiz

Chief of Staff, Spanish Air Force

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