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53nd World Military Aeronautical Pentathlon Championship. Events


Events. Shooting

Is the best test of nervous control. To reach the target in the short time of exposure, permorming a fast, relaxed and moderated movement of your arm, hand and fingers, and doing it by retaining breath and maintaining concentration for counted but endless moments, confer this event the condition of self-control test.

The shooting event is conducted with an air pistol at a distance of 10 meters. The competitor fires 20 shots at 20 different targets, one shot per target. The time limit is 40 seconds per shot.

Events. Swimming

Events. Swimming

It demands a perfect functioning of cardiorespiratory system. This tst was selected because of the interest that represents itself for air crew, dominating emergency situations in acuatic circles. In the competition, jumps, underwater diving and swimming-pool outings, interrumpt the free swimming and make this test more demanding from the physical point of view.

Test is performed in free style aover a distnace of 100 mts and covers:

  • Swimming 50 mts with a dipe outing from the swimming-pool border and an outing over its border .
  • 5 meters will be run alaog the border of the swimming-pool in a unslippery surface to change the lane.
Events. Fencing

Events. Fencing

Prove the speed of reaction, sense of instant reflection, precision in the motive ractions. Develops the ability to perform fast decissions, skill so trascendental for pilots. Besides, the merely physycal action is very important due to the hardness and violence of a fencing round.

As the Aeronautical Pentatlon is a competition for teams and at the same time is a individual one, competition will be carried out in a unique poule, so as every competitor will beat with all participants.

Combats will be in the electric sword way to three touchés. It is registerd to double defeat and combats will not exceed two minutes.

Events. Ball Contest

Events. Ball Contest

Among the several tests in baskestball, two very well defined were chosen. Competitors have to beat against timing, their opponents and themselves.

It developes speed and agility and the ability to keep relaxed and quiet.

Every test gives a certain number of pints that finally are added in order to get the overall result of the event.

Ability. It is divided into the tests of coordination, skill and speed.

  • Part I. Coordination. Pupose is to score five times with five balls previously located in the launching line.
  • Part II. Skill. Purpose is to carry out a run around fences ubicated in the basketball court and a goal must be scored in every basket.
  • Part III. Speed. Purpose is to socre 10 balls just after ending Part II (Skill).

Relaxation. Purpopse is to score the higher number of times making twenty launchings in for (4) minutes, in he following sequence:

  • Ten balls previously touching the board.
  • Ten balls socred directly into the basket.
Events. Escape

Events. Escape

It is the hardest and decisive. It is made of an obstacle run followed by a Orienteering competition developed in the forest.

The obstacle run is applied by the Aeronautical Pentalon Rules with tje followings remarks:

  • The track will have a 300 to 400 mts. Length and will consist of 10 to 20 obstacles.
  • The orieentering event will be carried out the same day that the obstacle run . Timing calculated for winner must be forty-five (45) minutes.
  • The same interval between departure of the obstacle run and the orieentering for every competitor will be established (at least 60 minutes).
Events. Flying contest

Events. Flying contest

Previous to the starting of sportive events, competitors will perform a flying test.

The host nation contribute with two-seater aircrafts (usually jet-trainer) and experienced pilots who form a team together the competitor of every nation in the Flying Contest who navigates and gives instructions. This event consists of perform a triangular run of 300 to 400 kms, at a aprox. 200 mts. altitude. Points 1 and 2 of the course are checkpoints, they must be overflied without displacement and in a previously determined time. The point 3 is a arrival line that must be overflied within a sector of 45º from point 2, in a timed time.

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