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Background and history of aeronautical pentahlon in the Spanish Air Force

Background and history of aeronautical pentahlon in the spanish air force

PAIM begins in the Spanish Air Force in 1963, when celebrating a “training course” about this sport conducted by Major of Belgium Air Force Raoul Mollet, who was General Secretary of CISM. Twenty officers proceeding from Fighter Units , Jet Trainning School and Air General Academy attend this cycle. Since 1965, the PAIM National Military Championship has been carried out, and several foreigner teams have sometimes been invited. At the same time, since this year, the Spanish team has participated en all hold editions of PAIM World Championships and also in numerous International championships and bases of this sport.

It can be assured that Spanish Air Force has promoted this sport among crews, developing a big effort compensated with optimum results of the Spanish team in international and worldwide competitions. Since 1980, seven Team Worldwide Championships, four individual and three Flying Contest have been won.

Hundreds of pilots and navigators have practised PAIM and took part in national championships. In the same way,innumerable Officers, NCO,s and Soldiers have collaborated as coachs and organizers, contributing with their efforts to reach the actual situation. In most of these cases this contribution has been carried out without reduction of their perfomance in Units because apart from the personal assigned to the Physical Education and Sport Council, all of them have been selected in an interim time, returning their Units when concluding their tasks in PAIM in periods of ten to fifteen days máximum.

We could summarize this relationship telling that “Spanish Air Force has invested a lot in PAIM, but has been compensated with prestige and improvement of the apptitude of its personnel in this sport.

Spain has got since then pódium in 25 times in Team competitions, 21 times in individual events and 9 times in the Flying Contest.

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