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Matacán Air Base

The origins of an Air Base in Salamanca dates back to late summer of 1936 when the province were fitted in three areas of flight, the first being located on the Finca "San Fernando" (also called "Field of Hospice") land located at Aldehuela de la Bóveda, next to the road from Salamanca to Ciudad Rodrigo.

Heavy rainfall fallen in mid-October of 1936 created the need for an airfield that could withstand the bad weather. The Bombing group No 22 looks for new locations, moving first to the farm "Arauzo" and later, and finally to a place called Finca de la Cruz, whose firm met best conditions and that is where is currently located Matacán Air Base.

We can try to set a date of birth of air operations in Matacan in the 4th quarter of 1936. At that time, the Chief of Air under the command of General Kindelan, which can be regarded as the origin of our Air Force, was sitting in Salamanca.

The Unit is named after the most emblematic animal of the fields where it is, "The Hare", which because of its speed and endurance was known as "MATA-CAN" (Kill-dogs) in reference to a wild hare that exhausted and emaciated, with his fast run, the best dogs that were used in the traditional hare hunts with horses. Therefore, it features in the badge with the phrase most famous anonymous genuine lore emanating from Salamanca "QUOD NATURA NON DAT, SALMANTICA NON PRAESTAT."

It was in September 1939 under the command of Commander Luis Roa Miranda, who has the first Head Unit and Aviation Sector (comprising the provinces of Salamanca, Caceres, Avila and Segovia), the birth of the School of Flight without Visibility (Visibility Gliding School) and Matacán opens for business in the field of Education, this path would never be abandoned. For the development of its missions had at first German personnel who serves as professors and four Junker 52 aircraft.

On January 28, 1946 was established in Matacán the Flight High School (created on March 26, 1940) which assumed the functions of the Visibility Gliding School, which also include the School of Navigation and Radio School. These three schools had the mission to provide the knowledge and skills of flight in general and training to the chiefs and officers of the Air Force and civilian personnel of airlines on flight instruments skills and the use of aid systems navigation. Also conducting flight instruction necessary to enhance and complement their theoretical studies to obtain civil titles such as: the "Public Transport Pilot," "Civil Aviation Navigator," "Chief Traffic Officer and Radio Airport and Civil Aviation ", and military titles, such as: the" blind flying Pilot, "" Higher Military Pilot, "" Superior Air Navigator "and" Air Radio direction. "

In August of 1954 being part of the Flight School, was created the Basic School of pilots, who began teaching courses in teacher education and basic flight pilot. Years earlier, in February 1951, the School of Multi-engine in Jerez de la Frontera was founded, where courses of instruments of flight were held. Until this moment, these courses were developed at the School of Salamanca.

In December 1955 the School of Air Traffic Control was founded with courses for drivers and teachers in Aerodrome Control, Approach and GCA. These three schools last creation, joined into one on May 18, 1963 in Salamanca Air Base and was called at that time "Matacán Schools Group."

In June 1972, the Air Base underwent another of its renovation, when the Pilot Elementary School was moved to the General Air Academy. Subsequently, on September 20, 1978, was born the "Military School of Transportation and Air Traffic" incorporating in it, the Air Force personnel who belonged to the late Matacán Schools Group, the Matacán Air Base, and School of Multi-engines and Air Traffic Control.

Field Matacán Aviation Airport also opened to civilian traffic, but at that time, July 12, 1964, there were no scheduled flights or charter. In 1974, the National School of Aeronautics was created depending on the Technical Secretariat of the Secretariat for Civil Aviation with technical and material assistance from the School of Polimotores. In April 1978 the Secretariat for Civil Aviation was transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and with it, the National School of Aeronautics.

The latest remodelling Matacán occurred in the summer of 1986 when were created, first the "Education Group", which includes the Military School of Transport and the School of Air Traffic and on the other hand, the "Group Training” . These two groups form the MATACAN GROUP OF SCHOOLS (GRUEMA).

Since 1986 is based on Matacán the 741 Squadron Air Force, heir to the 41 Group of Air Force which proceed from the former Wing Fighter 2, which retained the emblem of the "Tiger", with the indicative "Friend" and the hunting spirit of unity. It depends in organization of the General Air Command and operational of the Air Combat Command for the purpose of preparing the forces and their abilities to act as combat units or combat support.

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