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Salamanca city

Salamanca city

Salamanca is the university city by excellence, known in the whole world for this and for its artistic richness: cathedrals, palaces, churches... of artistic styles such as romanesque, gothic, plateresque y barroque.

Situated on the banks of the river Tormes, its geographical extensión is 12.336 Km², and It currently has159.000 inhabitants.

Salamanca, in spite of its extreme weather (cold and dry winter and warm summer), has many charms which make the stay of those who visit it a very pleasant one, a city where those activities related to tourism and free time are essential. Salamanca was the European City of Culture in the year. Music, dancing, exhibitions, street shows... the Calendar of events of Salamanca 2002 ranged from the latest cultural tendencies to the purest enterntainment.

Declared a World Heritage Site in 1988, and a European Capital of Culture a decade later, Salamanca has an unquestionably rich historical and cultural heritage. It has been able to make the most of this heritage over the years.

Salamanca has also taken advantage of these landmarks as it has grown. This was also the case with the Edades del Hombre (Ages of Man) exhibition, or more recently with the celebration of the 250-year anniversary of the construction of Plaza Mayor (main square), and the Fifteenth Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State, which made the city a worldwide showcase.

Salamanca is also a City of Thought, of Encounters and Learning, of Truth and Beauty, a blue and gold city, always open and welcoming. A walk around the old town will open your eyes to the various architectural styles of its monuments. Religious and civic buildings built in the famous Villamayor stone: sandstone, which lends them a golden colour, and a distinctive character.

The city’s historical and artistic heritage is concentrated within the mediaeval city walls, of which various sections still remain. This makes it very convenient to walk around.

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